Why We Need Trash TV

Before this podcast, I often use to blog so I have decide to bring back my blogging a little with a weekly post related to the episode of the week. This week I chatted to Katy Bellotte all about being creative in your 20's and we spent a little bit of time talking about how trash tv helps us unwind which inspired me to write this! You can listen to the episode here.

Often in life we are shamed for what we watch and as a result we often call things we enjoy watching guilty pleasures. I am here to say stop shaming people for watching trash tv. More often than not trash tv is reality tv. The thing that is ironically so great about reality tv is the escapism. Things are so scripted and people overeact so much that is simply not relatable, but it is entertaining. Also, as an english lit and film graduate sometimes there are just so many things to analyse and criticise that it's better to just not. It is also incredibly enjoyable to just turn your mind off completely after a day from hell, anyone who says they never feel the need to escape their daily life is lying.

Is it so bad to be enarmored by how good people are at catfishing in The Circle and how many times people throw a drink in Made in Chelsea. Watching trash tv does not make you less 'cultured', it is possible to enjoy high brow and trash at the same time. It is also possible to love trash and not high brow, or to love high brow and not trash. However, it is not okay to belittle people because of what they choose they watch to entertain themselves. If you actually analyse a lot of 'high brow' shows you would find most of them to be problematic in some way or another. Trash tv allows us to escape from our daily lives which is something we all need more than ever right now. We know its scripted, we know its nonsense but we still like it!

So I say put up your feet, grab a beverage of your choice and tune into The Circle, Made in Chelsea, Love Island, Selling Sunset or wherever your choice of trash tv is and enjoy!

Leave a comment down below and let me know your go to trash tv shows!

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