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How To Support LGBTQ+ Rights

On this week's pod I chatted to blogger, of In The Name of Human Rights, Cetvies all about LGBTQ+ rights. LGBTQ+ rights are something that should be discussed and focused on all year round and not just in June. Here are some ways to support LGBTQ+ rights for, besides obviously listening to the episode here!

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Firstly, Representation is so essential and varied but non-sterotypical representation is essential. Make an effort to engage with books, podcasts, tv shows, films, pop culture and beyond that represent all LGBTQ+ people as the fully rounded people that they are and not just as their label. If they are showing lesbians on your screen try and make sure they are not always showing them as sad and instead showing them as people who can live 'happily ever after'. Ensure that what you watch does not treat bisexuality as a phase, does not include any transphobia or queerbashing. Avoid watching consistent sterotypes of gay men. Most importantly recognise that sexuality is a part of someone's identitiy but does not define them as a person, we are all multi-faceted beings.

Speak up about conversion therapy. Always speak up about conversion therapy. Conversion therapy is literal torture and should be illegal everywhere so if you learn that it's not where you are do something about it, use your voice and create change.

Educate. Now this one is a two parter. Firstly, educate yourself on what is happening LGBTQ+ rights right now and look into how you can help create change or just do more. Secondly, educate children openly and honestly ensuring you represent everyone always.

Spread the word. Find charities to advocate, use your voice to educate others and what you have learnt about inclusion. Campaign and celebrate all.

These are just a few things I believe we could all do more of in order to support LGBTQ+ rights, and as a bisexual woman myself the fight for LGBTQ+ rights is very near and dear to my heart.

Don't forget to check out the pod episode here, and leave a comment with ways that you help to fight for LGBTQ+ rights.

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