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Naomi is 23 years old, born and raised in South-East London. She is a qualified Early Years Educator and while she does still do some work within the education sector, she is also an aspiring make-up artist. Naomi comes from a performing arts background, having studied musical theatre, acting and still practicing many different styles of dance to this day. She also has a passion for travel which is where she met Kirsty, while working a summer abroad in Canada. Her ultimate goal for Fancy a Blether? is simply to open people’s minds to the world (not just the negatives but the positives, too) and help them to realise that there is more to learn from being different than there is to fear.

You can check out Naomi's MUA and fashion videos here. 

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Kirsty is 23 years old and has spent most of her life living in Scotland. She is an English and Film graduate from Edinburgh Napier University. Kirsty is a poet, writer, podcaster and triathlete. She believes that using your voice in this world is key, and that is where Fancy A Blether? comes in. Her goal is for Fancy A Blether? to become a community for everyone to not just inspire but empower, but to be a home comofort for everyone especially in times of isolation and loneliness. 

About Our Host