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About Our Host 

Kirsty is a full time educator, part time poet, podcast host and editor-in-chief. She has spent about 5 years in Edinburgh and spent a lot of time here growing up as her mum grew up here. Throughout her time in Edinburgh Kirsty has continued to fall in love with the place she calls home and all the people that reside in it. As such she felt it was about time there was a place where the voices of 'average joes' in a small country like Scotland were heard and their stories were told; and what better place than her podcast? Fancy A Blether? was a podcast born out of a need for human connection during 2020 and for 3 years now has been Kirsty's online diary of surviving and thriving in her twenties. Although her twenties are far from over and her quarter life crisis has only just began Kirsty felt it was time to shift her focus and tell the stories of the community she has always adored. And that folks is how Fancy A Blether? (2.0) - The cosy podcast of your dreams was born!

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